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Inspection Of All Fire Protection Items Compulsory

If the inspection of these items are not yet compulsory, they soon will be. It is only a matter of time. And you wonder why, in some isolated instances, this is not so. This has nothing to do with Murphy’s Law but it remains the case that those who do not take action as they should usually only wake up when the damage is already done. In other words, after their fire sprinkler system completely failed them and their premises were totally gutted, they willingly cooperated with the local authorities and the commercial service providers attached thereto.

Statewide, the issue of rampant fires is hot. Whether there are approaching wildfires that could invade your property or risks attached to operating within a heavily congested urban/industrial area, the risks of loss and damage as a result of fire remain high. It is imperative that you do make sure that your fire sprinkler inspection california appointment is duly scheduled. Experts do, however, say that you may not even need to have your sprinkler system serviced at the obligatory annual rate.

Rather, they say, you may only require a fire sprinkler inspection every other year. But significantly, this will always depend on the sprinkler system in place and its condition. If it is a fairly new system and it remains in good condition, then that recommendation may be valid. But if it is aged then you should be expecting more than one inspection a year. It might even be that this system requires extensive maintenance work.

fire sprinkler inspection california

It may have to be overhauled or replaced completely. There are other items that also need regular inspection. This would be the fire extinguishers placed in strategic positions throughout your premises as well as the regular fire drills that you and your staff should be taking part in.